Remote for Fire TV - Windows Phone

Version 1.17 has been released for the Fire TV.
Please update the Fire TV companion app for compatibility with the latest Fire TV OS update.

How do I install the companion app on the Fire TV?

The companion app can be installed directly from the app store on the Fire TV by searching for 'Remote for Fire TV' or you can side load it via the links below.

I know how to sideload apps on the Fire TV. Could I get the link to the companion app?

Note: You will need to view this page from a PC to download and install this file.
Here is the page URL:
Here is the APK:

How do I enable adb debugging on the Fire TV?

Settings - System - Developer options
Settings - Device - Developer options
ADB Debugging: ENABLED
Apps from Unknown Sources: ENABLED

Where can I find the IP Address of my Fire TV?

Settings - System - About - Network
Settings - Device - About - Network

The mouse pointer moves but I can not click anything. Help?

Please verify that you have the latest version of the app installed on the Fire TV. Assuming the latest version is installed a restart of the Fire TV will likely resolve the issue.
Note: The main Fire TV user interface does NOT support a mouse so it must be navigated via the d-pad buttons.

The mouse pointer moves but I still can not click anything. Help?

If you continue to experience issues please contact support via the email address below.

I have a question. How can I get help?